Premier Club Tracking Sheet for Seminar 2016!

Premier Club Tracking Sheet for Seminar 2016!

Mary Kay has debuted the Ford Fusion for Premier Club! Check out the tracking sheet we have created just for Mary Kay® Directors! You can find this handy flyer in the Tracking Section of our Unit Websites for Mary Kay® Directors and Nationals! This tracking sheet is a really awesome tool to help you keep track of how close you are to earning your amazing new Mary Kay® car! We have added the qualifications as well as the on target productions necessary to achieve this car on the tracking sheet for your convenience!

This sheet is printer friendly so you can have it on hand to keep track of your production amounts as you go! Having this Mary Kay® car tracking sheet in front of you will help you stay focused and driven (pun intended!) to achieve your goal of driving your fabulous Mary Kay® car as soon as possible!

premier club tracker


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