Queens Court of Sales Tracking Sheet

Queens Court of Sales Tracking Sheet

In working side by side with Mary Kay National Sales Directors and top Directors I have learned many things about business. One thing I see over and over again is that the top of the top choose a goal in their business and work towards it all year long. It’s the beginning of the new seminar year and I know many of you will take time to really reflect on what you want out of life and how your Mary Kay business can help you achieve those goals.

Many of you will choose to be among the “Queens Court of Sales”. This is a program based on $40,000 personal retail production between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. QT Office has designed this great tracking sheet for you to keep your goal in front of you and your family all year long and track you progress as you go. You can find the Queens Court of Sales Tracking Sheet on all of our QT Office Mary Kay® Unit Websites!  under Company Contests!

Click here for our updated 2016-2017 Seminar Year Queens Court of Sales Tracking Sheet!

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