Skills you must master to be a great Mary Kay Sales Director.

If you are reading this article then that “thing” is probably  to become a Mary Kay sales Director. Your in the right place!.

In life, we see people who have accomplished the things that we wish to accomplish, and we know it can be done. We know in our hearts that we can do it as well, but may not know how to go about it.


My hopes are that the little piece of inspiration I stumbled on today will help you get there.


I found a great article today on the skills you must master to be a great Mary Kay Sales Director so I listed them all below!


  • Attend all Mary Kay events  –  This is important because you never know that “gold nugget” that you may miss when you do not attend, and the group is more than a training group, but a motivation group as well. They can help you push through some tough times.
  • focus on being the “best possible you” in all areas  – Don’t do “half” of anything!
  • give recognition at every possible chance  – remember that sign that everyone has around their neck?
  • send cards and notes of appreciation to every one – Do you remember the last time you got a heart-felt thank you card?
  • Listen to your mentors and Learn there techniques – Never take advise from someone you would not trade places with, but take all the advise from people you admire!
  • always hand in your weekly accomplishment sheets – and don’t every “fudge” this sheet; the WOS is as much for you as for your Director. If you really track this, you can measure your growth from year to year.
  • Always consider what Mary Kay Ash would feel about your actions  and what you are saying  – WWMKD? (What would Mary Kay do?)
  • Ask yourself “would a CEO of a Billion dollar company do what you are doing?” –if the answer is “no”, then it might not be billionaire worthy =)
  • Decide that you will make your goals happen… NO matter what! – Every heard of the book “think and grow rich”, or how about “the secret?”. Change your mindset and change your life!
  • Choose to train yourself and remember your title will be INDEPENDENT sales director. – The key word is INDEPENDENT, if you do not care about your success, then don’t expect others to care for you. Sure, they may help when you are down, but even though they may pick you up, they will not drag you.
  • Be a great consultant, your team is watching you right now and they will do what you do.  – Lead by example, and when you become a director, KEEP LEADING BY EXAMPLE!
  • MANAGE YOUR ATTITUDE, BODY LANGUAGE, and EXPRESSION!  People in leadership roles cannot depend on others to constantly motivate and inspire them. You must master this task  – see again, change your mindset (and actions) and change your life
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST!  Put S*Y*S*T*E*M*S in place– you must put systems in place. Imagine a farmer trying to plow 100 acres by hand, …. Wow, that’s a lot of work! It is possible to to given enough time, BUT THAT WOULD TAKE FOREVER! If you give the farmer a horse, it helps…. BUT give the farmer a state of the art Tractor and suddenly, it’s not only possible, but easy!


Ok, since we are on “systems” we thought it would be a good time to tell you about ours

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I hope this gives you something productive to focus on during your journey to directorship!  Most importantly, be great TODAY, don’t wait until you are in the place in life that you want to shine.  Start polishing now so when it’s your time to shine, you will already be sparkling!


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Jamie Hogan


QT Office

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