Mary Kay® Success Tips

Mary Kay® Success Tips

QT Office® is here to give you a few handy Mary Kay® Success tips  to help get you started on an exciting, Mary Kay® career path! Whether you’re just starting with Mary Kay®, or you’re already in the business, you are going to need a few Mary Kay® Success tips to help get you excel! You probably have a few questions on your mind, like “How do I achieve success with Mary Kay®?”

There are a couple of ingredients that makes someone successful while others come up a little short.  We will go over the two main reasons why people give up before they have achieved their goals:

  1. Sales know how and motivation
  2. Systems and Support

1. Sales know how: Lets face it – any direct sales position will require a certain amount of sales know how – that’s a fact! The good news is that your Director has proven that she has the sales skills to make it to the position she is at, so listen to her and have her give you a few Mary Kay® Success Tips! You may agree with some of the things she says/does, and disagree with others, which is perfectly okay! Take what you agree with and run with it. There may be a few things you would tweak a little and put your own spin on. That’s the beauty of Mary Kay® – you have build in “coaches” and you can have a lot more than one. Find out what your favorite strategies are and make them your own. There are a couple of basics that should be followed though, and we will talk about them here.

  • Build relationships
  • Remember the special occasions. Does a friend have a birthday coming up? Send them something. Remember this priceless formula GIVE, ASK, RECIEVE. This is a priceless way of thinking. Some of the best clients you have may never buy anything from you. How can that be? Well, if you have a wonderful friend that tells everyone about you, then you will have instant credibility. It’s important not to give everything away though; it’s a business after all!
  • Know your product and believe in it. You will have products you LOVE and others you can do without. Focus on selling the products that you could not live without. Always be ready to answer questions. If you do this, then it will never seem forced.
  • Be persistent. This is a sales position, and in any sales position you cannot expect people to “walk in the door” (you can after you reach a certain level of success, but you have to earn that first)!!

2. Systems and Support: Okay, so you are developing your sales skills and you’re definitely motivated so you should be rich by now right? Well… not yet, but you may be on your way. You do need both the know-how, and the motivation, but you also need a support system to help you get there along with a few  Mary Kay® Success Tips! Let’s cover a few different examples how and why systems can help you.

  • Customer database management: As your business grows, your list of customers will too. This is a GREAT thing, but it can also be hard to keep up with. Do you have 6 Susan’s as customers? When was Rebecca’s Birthday? Okay, Holly is on the phone and she want’s “that same eye shadow I got from you last year”…. Uh Oh, what eye shadow was that?! She will expect you to know even if she doesn’t! If you have a good system in place, then you will be covered in all these situations.
  • Inventory Control: Just putting the items on your shelf does not count! (Although it is a good idea to have them organized). You will want a way to see which products are selling and which ones are sitting, a way to invoice them, and a way to make sure you have enough on hand. Some people use an excel sheet (which can take more time than it’s worth honestly).
  • Taxes: The good news is that you will be able to get a lot of tax write offs with your business; the bad news is that they can be hard to find. You will want a system that makes finding these tax write offs as easy as possible, and putting the money back into your pocket (or not taking it out in the first place).

The most important thing to remember is a system should save you time, help you increase your sales, and help you grow your business. If you would like to see the system QT Office® has built for you, then click on the link below to start your 30 day free trail!! If you are a Director or National, check out our professional Unit Websites!! We provide a fully stocked Training and Seasonal selling center with wonderful Mary Kay® fliers for you and your unit! QT Office® keeps up to date Mary Kay® contests and events automatically for you!

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