Tammy Crayk + Lisa Allison’s Texting Tips to get Career Talks!

 This is a great idea that was shared by Donna Lindsay who is the president and owner of  MK Virtual Office


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National Sales Director Lisa Allison shared the idea (because October is half over)…. to send this text TODAY to everyone you’d love to have in your Mary Kay team.  She did it at a live meeting this past week and said tons of replies came in Immediately!!!!


Do it Now!!! Let’s see how many career talks you can get booked today!!!  


Text Script:

 I am so excited!!! The Mary Kay Starter Kit is in sale right now!  I am building my team with SHARP women and YOU came to mind.  Would you consider hearing more about our business?  I really think you would be great,(your name)


Now go to take advantage of the discounted starter kit and grow your team =)


Thank you for sending in your great idea to QT Office!

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