The big lie about motivation that will ruin your Mary Kay goals

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Do you ever have days that you just don’t feel very motivated to work your Mary Kay Business even though you know you have the best product in the world and the career opportunity of a life time?  I know I have those days, and I hear “I just don’t feel motivated to work my Mary Kay business today” or “I just can’t get motivated to make my calls” from countless others.


Well the good news is you are not alone; the bad news is that if you are waiting on motivation to get started, it’s going to take awhile! 


You see, the common miss belief is that Motivation comes first…. that if you wait it out, it will magically appear.  There are a few times in your Mary Kay Career that this can be true. A few examples that will make you extremely motivated are right after an event like leadership or seminar.  You may have a great skin care class or a new team member and you will have a short feeling of motivation and you will use that motivation to grow your business and to get you even closer to your goals. 


My Good friend Sean Smith would call this being “emotionally drunk”. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to harness this motivation without having to drink the party punch?


So, HOW DO YOU BECOME MOTIVATED WITHOUT HELP? Luckily for you I am going to share the secret to getting your motivation back (and someone shared this with me, so please pass this to others).


and the answer is….. (drumroll please) 




…. That’s right, take action. Even though you do not feel like it, do it anyway.  Discipline your self to take action even though you are not motivated. Think about it like getting back into a exercise routine. The first workout is always the hardest but it gives you the energy you need to push forward.


This is the formula of how harnessing motivation works:


Discipline   » Action   » Results   »   Motivation


You see motivation is a feeling not an action. You have to disipline yourself to do the action first, then feel the motivation and satisfaction from the results. Motivation will come back around bigger and better than ever after your results show.


 The lie we tell ourselves it that motivation comes first.  Too many people wait for motivation before they decide to get started, but what you really need it discipline.  You need to know what your Mary Kay Goals are, then you need to find the discipline to take action to reach your goals. Disaplining yourself to Action will always produce results, and your results will be very motivating. 


Here is a great  quote that sums it up.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Jim Rohn


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