This is a must read for when you add a person to your Mary Kay® team

QT Office, unit websites I read this post today on Facebook by National Sales Director Linda Toupin. I was so impressed by such wisdom that I wanted to share it with all of our QT Office blog readers. She is sharing her opinion as if she were a new member to your team:

“If I were your new recruit I would want you to be direct, up front and to lay all your cards on the table. NO games or gimmicks

1. I would have expected to know there were 2 decisions. Did I want to own my own business? $100. Also that I would need to decide HOW to run my business. INVENTORY should never be a surprise to a new recruit.

2. My confidence to purchase inventory would be gained by watching you work. YOUR office, YOUR product, YOUR quick professional deliveries.

3. I would expect you to expect me to create a wedding invitation list of 150 families (average church wedding in USA). That gives me contact with 300-400 people immediately. They all know 300 people I don’t know so now my wide circle is 9000. That way when someone doesn’t need what I am offering I don’t get scared.

4. I would expect you to go thru EVERY inventory option from $200-$3600 NO MATTER WHAT I SAY. Knowledge is power and gives me choices and control.

5. If you are in car or DIQ qualifications I would want you to tell me that. I am a team player. I enjoy helping others win. But I also would want you to tell me that is YOUR deadline NOT mine.

6. I would want you to remind me of my deadlines that benefit me.

This is a relationship business. Much of my 5000+ national area has been with me for 15-30 years. …trust is earned, respect is gained NOT expected.

Be the kind of business woman you want to do business with. The golden rule answers all our questions.”

~Linda Toupin NSD

A special Thank You to Linda Toupin and all the leaders that share so openly and honestly to help everyone grow and develop as a leader!

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