What do Olympians have in common with successful Mary Kay® Women?



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We all know that Olympians are trained to be a the top of there games, and if you really think about it, you will see a lot of the same traits in the women that are successful in their Mary Kay® Careers. Let’s take a look at some of the traits that make both of these groups great at what they do.


They are passionate about their goal

Every Olympian has made sacrifice to make it to the Olympics, there were tons of times they wanted to be doing something else but they worked from discipline and not from emotion because they were truly passionate about their goal. The wonderful thing is that your discipline and passion will also inspire your team to achieve even more than they would on their own.

Laser Focus

Focusing on the right goal will always be the key that unlocks the door to your success.  The most successful people in the world focus their time and energy on doing a few thing really well and do not allow their time to be wasted on doing too many thing at the same time.  Olympic athletes focus their time on what will get them to their goal and if it is not going to get them there then they cannot afford to spend time on it. If the task is not important then don’t put it to the top of the list, this will only distract you from the things that matter.

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They rely on their team

To do what they do best every Olympian must have a supportive team. When the athlete started out it was most likely the family and friends that surrounded them then eventually a coach and trainer and/or manager. Everyone who made it to the Olympics had help.  If you are going to make it to the top of Mary Kay you must bring on help (when the time is right.) and surround yourself with a reliable team in the process.


They adjust

At some point something they were doing just did not work…they were on the wrong work out plan, diet or did not have the right form.  Somewhere along their journey something just did not work BUT the important thing is that they adjusted.  Every successful person in every walk of life must have the ability to identify when something is not working and then make as many adjustments as necessary until they find the winning formula that works. If something you doing is not getting the results you expected then ADJUST.


They conquered their fear

This is huge  they conquered their fear (this is different from having no fear).

We all have fear (it’s only normal). The bigger our goals are, the more fears they can churn up.  Olympians push on in spite of this, it could be their faith… their mindset or just plain old determination…no matter what it is or what it takes to conquer their fear they do it!  This is also true for the successful women in Mary Kay®.


I’ll never forget the story about Executive National Sales Director Arlene Lenarz; did you know that she was AFRAID TO CROSS A BRIDGE? No kidding! So, what did she do?

She realized that she was PASSIONATE  enough about her goal that she had her LASER focus on so, she RELIED on her team to help her ADJUST and she CONQUERED her fear.   Now she has her gold medal…. It just so happens to be spelled with  “NSD”

Arlene just retired from Mary Kay®; in her retirement speech at leadership she shared that her retirement income from the Family Security Program will be $47,091.58 per month!  She will receive her retirement income for 15 years which means that Arlene’s retirement income for the next 15 years will be:


Yes, you read that right, Eight million, four hundred seventy-six thousand, four hundred and eighty-four dollars!

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