What Sean Smith Taught me about Mary Kay Goals….

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Look on your wall…. chances are that you have a Mary Kay Goal poster (and if you don’t have one now, you may have had one in the past right?). 


Don’t worry, your not alone! I’ve put my own goal posters up more than once, and there isn’t anything wrong with having goals, or even having the poster up (so keep it up if you like it!)


I don’t know about you, but I would find that I would make some of my goals, and not make the others…. I would be super happy that I made the ones I did, and get really sad when I “missed the mark”. I’m sure most people (especially in the business of Mary Kay) have experienced this cycle. 


Recently I went to a conference that my good friend Sean Smith “the pink caddie coach” held. I remember him mentioning that having the poster (or goals) is completely ok, and completely normal but he said something that changed my view (and I’m much more productive now). He said “You know, you don’t always have control of your goal, but you do have control of your actions”, and he also said “concentrate on your daily goals and your long term goals will be achieved because your long term goal is really just a matter of small term successes). 


Too bad that doesn’t fit on a fortune cookie huh? I could have found that when I ordered Chinese years ago! Let me explain what he said (at least how I understood it):


1. Control what you can control (this reminds me of the serenity prayer)


2. You make your goals one day at a time


3. If you make your daily goals, then your long term goals will happen on their own.


Sounds simple right? … but I thought “well, if I do my goals every day, how do I know they are the right ones”. He thought that was a good question too (but he heard it before). He said “start with the end in mind”.  Hmmmm    I think we need another fortune cookie!


That makes sense though. Start with your end goal, break it down into smaller parts (I instantly thought of my 6 most important things list), then “win” those small goals every day. 


Here is a working example: 

Let’s say you need to sell $1000 in product in one month to win a prize or bonus, you can break that down into days if you like (1000 divided by your average sale (let’s say $50) = 20 sales to make your goal. That’s not the trick though! The trick is to figure out how many average calls/facials or other income producing activities you need to make those sales. If you are doing the IPA’s, then you are making your goal (if your are doing the IPA’s and are not making your sales, then your numbers are off; find the number and adjust accordingly).


After you have this “shift” in thinking, you can look at your goal list and check “yes” I completed my goal (because you are not writing “sell 1000 this month” you are writing “hold X number of skin care classes”).  This way, you have positive enforcement “I completed my goals” instead of negitive enforcement “I did not complete my goals” and Positive enforcement beats negative every time!


And if you would like a little help reaching your goals, then we invite you to learn more about how QT Office can help you “make your business beautiful” 


*QT Office has been specifically designed for the Mary Kay Sales force (although we are not affiliated with Mary Kay).


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