Free Handout for Mary Kay Christmas Sales


The Christmas season seems to start earlier every year.  As soon as the Halloween costumes and decorations are moved out of the stores the Christmas decorations start coming in.  This year businesses will be trying to get you into their stores to do your Christmas shopping early.  To increase your Mary Kay® Christmas sales you should get people shopping early, too.


To help you with this, QT Office has created the “Holiday Wish List” handout for you to give to your customers to encourage them to fill out what they want this year (and who will be purchasing these items for them).  You can get these into the hands of your customers at your classes/facials or at your holiday open house. The handout also has a a section to mark down people they need to shop for. 

Besides being a great way to boost holiday sales, this sheet is also a FANTASTIC way to grow your customer base by:

1. Getting new referrals given to you (the “Santa’s helpers”). These helpers can be contacted later in the year to buy gifts for their loved ones. 

2. You are introduced to new Mary Kay® Customers (the people they are buying for). 


So, get an early start before everyone has gone through his or her Christmas shopping budget. Use our Free handout as a tool to get those Mary Kay® Christmas sales before someone else does, and build your customer base at the same time.


Click the button below to get the free handout or just learn more about it.



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This entry was posted in QT Office® on November 01, 2012