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Think for a second, can you remember at least one time that someone gave you an unexpected compliment or showed you actual appreciation for something you did for them?



How about someone that said something that hurt your feelings or someone that completely ignored something you did for them?



Chances are, that you can remember both.



Everyone wants to feel like they are appreciated.It does not matter if they are a brain surgeon or a janitor, EVERYONE wants to feel IMPORTANT.




Mary Kay ash herself stressed this in one of her most famous quotes



” I have learned to imagine an invisible sign around each person’s neck that says, “Make me feel important!” I respond to it immediately, and I never cease to be amazed at how positively people react. If I were to teach a first-year management course, I would instruct every student to wear a make-me-feel-important sign hanging from the next of everyone they met. What wonderful relationships they would build with their spouses, friends, co-workers and customers!”.

Mary Kay Ash



Something else to think about: Would YOU rather spend time with someone that makes YOU feel important, or spend time with someone that makes you feel bad about yourself (the answer her is obvious…)


Now, let’s rephrase this question just a little.


Would YOU want to WORK FOR, or WORK WITH, or HIRE someone that makes you feel important? (the answer here is obvious as well, but it’s easy to forget by acting a little different).Think about that question when you are dealing with your own boss, or your own employees.


Mary Kay® is one of the few organizations that really tries to build-up their employees and team members by helping them reach their goals. We all could learn a lot from this strategy (especially from the success it’s generated). So, the next time that you see one of your team members down and out, all they may need is a little pick-me-up in order to really shine.

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